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orbita excéntrica

 Gallery lametro,  Valencia, Spain  2009

  Pleasure must be full of seriousness, and all work gleeful! (Hölderlin) 

Four years ago I began a handwritten copy of the novel Hyperion by the german poet F.Hölderlin ( 1770 - 1843) . To copy something whether it is hand-written or drawn, is a passionate form of watching and meditating, leading to a deeper understanding. While copying Hyperion my immersion into that distant and yet so contemporary world of Hölderlin, lead me to a different and more intense reflection of our world today. I read the newspapers with greater conviction and drew the photographs into my diaries. I cut out these photographs and stuck them into old books and wrote the text from the Hyperion over the pages of the books.The modern aesthetic of the galley at Valencia underground inspired me to create the contrasting theme of this installation.