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exhibition,  november 2009 in the gallery colorelefante, " fotografías de pintores"


"and vice versa nowadays, we miss more than anything a critique and a new definition of the conventional meaning of manhood, an accurate estimation from men themselves, an examination of their ideological models, their convictions, contradictions, socially, sexually, concerning family and institution, their relationship to power or even their daily routine. A quite superficial, not even a dramatic look at how things are right now, shows very clearly the gaping discrepancy between theory and practice"    Ana Martinez Collado, from Tendenci@as

 An installation, which treats the momentous situation of the economical crises. It confronts the usual photographs of the newspaper- men with tie and suit, graphics of the curb market, text … with the picture of a vagina, without any pornographic character, inspired by the picture" The origin of the world" by Courbet. A photograph of a woman taken by a woman.